Pennsylvania state laws and regulations that affect your medical practice

1. Are physicians exempt from jury duty in Pennsylvania?

The courts have held that physicians may be exempted from jury duty where it benefits the community to have uninterrupted continuation of the physicians' regular duties.

Com. v. Kloch, 230 Pa. Super. 563 (1974)

The following persons shall be exempt or excused from jury duty:

(a) Persons in active service of the armed forces of the United States or of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania;

(b) Persons who have served within three years next preceding on any jury except a person who served as a juror for fewer than three days in any one year in which case the exemption period shall be one year;

(c) Persons demonstrating to the court undue hardship or extreme inconvenience may be excused permanently or for such period as the court determines is necessary, and if excused for a limited period shall, at the end of the period, be assigned to the next jury array; and

(d) Spouses, children, siblings, parents, grandparents and grandchildren of victims of criminal homicide.

This subchapter shall not affect the existing practice with respect to peremptory challenges and challenges for cause.

42 Pa. C.S.A. § 4503

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