Ohio state laws and regulations that affect your medical practice

1. How many hours of Continuing Medical Education are required each year?

In each two year renewal period, a physician must complete one hundred credits of continuing medical education, at least 40 of which must be category 1. The physician must maintain the continuing education documentation for one year following each biennial renewal.

R.C. § 4731.281

2. How will the State Board of Medical Examiners know whether a physician has completed the necessary hours of CME?

Random audits are conducted.

R.C. § 4731.281

3. Are there any exemptions for CME?

Partial exemptions may be granted on application for those who are ill or out of the country for more than six months. Fifty category 1 credits can be credited for each full year of internship, residency or fellowship taken in an ACGME-approved program.

R.C. § 4731.281

4. What are the requirements for reporting CME?

No specific reporting requirements other than to affirm that the required number of hours has been met, but random audits are conducted.

R.C. § 4731.281; 4731-10-08

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