New job recruitment tool on physician social media site aims to make job searching more doctor friendly


Many physicians are already accustomed to using social media to build valuable career connections, which may lead to future job opportunities. But now, one social media site is taking steps to bring the jobs directly to physicians.


Jeff Tangney, the CEO of Doximity, said at first, he was nervous about how the Talent Finder tool would be received by physicians.

“Physicians get a lot of inquires, so we were concerned: Is this going to be too much?” he said. “But by making it personalized and requiring the recruiters to put in a salary range, that has made it very valuable to the doctors.”

Doximity, a social networking site exclusively for physicians, now provides the option for recruiters to connect with physicians who have posted their curriculum vitaes and may be a match for an available position.

Transparency is how the tool separates itself from other recruitment sites. Tangney says job boards are typically vague in their descriptions, so physicians have to spend additional time reaching out for more information. But with this tool, recruiters are required to list a salary range and to give specific details about the job. The feedback from doctors has been positive. So far the site has seen a 26% response rate from physicians.

“It’s all about efficiency,” says Tangney. “Right now, the current the career and job search process is really inefficient. You find many openings that may not be the right fit for you. We give you the opportunity to more passively follow opportunities as they are posted and to stay alert to new positions.”

Although it is often referred to as “LinkedIn for physicians,” Doximity has several unique features for healthcare providers. For example, the site is HIPAA-compliant, so physicians can securely communicate with one another, without fear of privacy breaches.

Many physicians have already successfully found new opportunities by using the service. Wayne Chen, MD, describes Doximity as “an essential medical career development platform.” He discovered his position as the managed care medical director of California for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation through the new recruitment feature.

“[Doximity] helps me stay connected with trends and opportunities in healthcare by getting information directly from physicians across all boundaries of specialty, geography and employers while allowing me to market my own skill sets to peers,” said Chen, in a press release. “This has led to real results in improving my lifestyle and professional health.” 

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