Illinois state laws and regulations that affect your medical practice

1. How many hours of Continuing Medical Education are required each year?

A licensee must complete 150 hours of continuing education per license renewal cycle, which is the 36 months preceding July 31 in the year of the renewal. At least 60 of the required hours must be category 1.

225 ILCS 60/20; 68 Ill.Adm.Code §1285.110

2. How will the State Medical Board know whether a physician has completed the necessary hours of CME?

The physician must maintain the CME records and shall produce them if subject to random audit. The physician must also attest to completion of the required CME on his/her renewal application.

225 ILCS 60/20; 68 Ill.Adm.Code §1285.110

3. Are there any exemptions for CME?

An extreme hardship waiver can be requested for military service, extended illness, undue hardship or other extenuating circumstance.

225 ILCS 60/20; 68 Ill.Adm.Code §1285.110

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