How COVID-19 Is Changing Patients’ Perception of Healthcare


A new survey of 500 U.S. consumers by Sage Growth Partners and Black Book Market Research reveals how COVID-19 is significantly changing patients’ healthcare concerns and preferences.

COVID-19 is already significantly changing how patients approach healthcare, and the ramifications of these changes could last long after the pandemic is over. That’s according to a recent survey of 500 U.S. consumers by healthcare consultancy Sage Growth Partners and Black Book Market Research.One of the biggest findings? Concerns about the safety of healthcare settings is driving more interest in telemedicine, such as virtual visits and remote health monitoring. In fact, 59 percent of survey respondents said they are more likely to use telehealth services now than in the past, and 36 percent would switch their physician in order to have access to virtual care.Dan D’Orazio, CEO of Sage Growth Partners, has broad experience across healthcare and is a recognized thought leader in virtual care/telemedicine, population health, health integration, and issues impacting the changing healthcare landscape. Stephanie Kovalick, Chief Strategy Officer at Sage Growth Partners, is a leading healthcare authority with extensive workflow, product management, and marketing expertise focused on the health plan, provider, and health information technology sectors. She is an expert on payment reform, population health, reimbursement models, revenue cycle, and clinical workflows.