Holiday greetings from patients

When the author reflects on special holiday cards he has received over the years, images of his patients come to life.

When I examine these cards and notes, the images of my patients come to life. I often smile to myself thinking about them.

Every card is a story, a memory, a reminder of a special moment in my professional career when I, as a physician, was able to help a person who was suffering and to be there for someone when it really counted the most. I feel especially fortunate that during my 30 years of practicing internal medicine my life has been enriched by many special relationships with patients that, I think, have helped to make me a better doctor and human being.

It is gratifying when patients take the time to express appreciation to their doctors. The holiday season is the perfect opportunity for doctors and patients to enhance the humanistic bond they share through the mutual expression of goodwill and season's greetings.

May the drawings I've shared here help brighten your day and bring some holiday cheer to one and all. Best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season.

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