Friday 5 from Practical Cardiology - June 25

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The Friday 5 from Practical Cardiology is a list composed by the Practical Cardiology editorial staff aimed at highlighting relevant coverage of news in cardiovascular medicine.

Every Friday, Practical Cardiology provides a curated list of 5 articles focused or related to a particular topic. This week, the Friday 5 from Practical Cardiology highlights the top 5 most popular stories from the past week.

1. Financial Burden of Cardiovascular Disease Equals or Exceeds Burden Imposed by Cancer

A comparison of data from patients with cancer and ASCVD from a nationally representative survey suggests the financial burden of cardiovascular disease was similar to or exceeded the burden imposed by cancer.


2. Case Series Details Treatment of Myocarditis-Like Illness Following COVID-19 Vaccination

A case series of 7 patients from a pair of US medical centers details the treatment and presentation of patients with myocarditis-like illness after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.

3. Blood Pressure Medications that Cross Blood-Brain Barrier Could Help Preserve Memory Recall in Older Adults

A meta-analysis of 14 studies suggests use of antihypertensive agents known to cross the blood-brain barrier was associated with improved memory recall over time compared to nonpenetrant agents in older adults with hypertension.

4. Statins Linked to Lower Cancer Risk in Heart Failure Patients

New research suggests statin use was associated with significant reductions in risk of cancer among heart failure patients, with this apparent risk reduction becoming greater with prolonged use.

5. Dabigatran Etexilate (Pradaxa) Becomes First Oral Blood-Thinning Option for Use in Pediatric Patients

The FDA has granted approval to dabigatran etexilate (Pradaxa) for treatment of blood clots in pediatric patients with VTE and prevention of recurrent blood clots in those who have completed treatment for VTE.