CCE Prostate Cancer: Cleveland Clinic -- Selection criteria

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Awards and distinctions that make the Cleveland Clinic's Glickman Urological & Kidney Institute a Center of Excellence.

Cleveland Clinic
Cleveland, Ohio

Faculty – 68

Number of annual referrals – 1,000

Number of annual publications – 75 prostate cancer-related publications

Number of residents – 24

Amount of NIH funding – $9 million annually for research

Number of men treated annually for prostate cancer – 1,000

about 300 with brachytherapy


more than 100 with radiation therapy

 more than 700 with radical prostatectomy

Number of men treated with brachytherapy since it became protocol in 1996 – 2,000

Number of men who attended the Minority Men’s Health Center’s annual Minority Men’s Health Fair in 2008 – 2,000

First center to use short course intensity modulated radiotherapy and now has the world’s most experience in this treatment modality.

Among the first to offer advanced local anesthesia techniques for prostate biopsy.

Pioneered the development of clinical pathways to shorten hospital length of stay after radical prostatectomy in the mid-1990s.