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All those cat videos make your phone heavier

Digital Pulse: ©Greenbutterfly -

Digital Pulse: ©Greenbutterfly -

If your phone feels heavier than before, you might consider deleting all those cat videos to lighten the load. Scientists with nothing better to do demonstrated that by using Einstein’s equations, they can prove that your phone is actually getting heavier the more data it holds.

AI is reading your notes for patient clues

Researchers have created AI that can read unstructured clinical notes and determine possible patient housing issues, their financial stability, and job status to help doctors understand any social determinants of health that could impact care. Middle schoolers are hoping the technology will next be used to read their notes so they can find out if Danny will be asking Suzy to the dance.

2007 iPhone sells for $190,000

The BBC is reporting that an original 2007 iPhone still in the factory box sold for $190,000 at auction. Ironically, that model iPhone still outperforms most of today’s EHRs when it comes to intuitiveness, ease of use, and reliability.

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