Amazon expanding its virtual care service


Customers nationwide can connect with providers 24/7 to treat many common health problems

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Amazon is making its Amazon Clinic service available nationwide.

The online retailer announced today it is expanding its 24/7 virtual care clinic states to all 50 states and the District of Columbia. In addition, text message-based consultations are available in 34 states.

“At Amazon, we want to make it dramatically easier for people to get and stay healthy, and we’re doing that by helping customers get the care and medications they need in the way that is most convenient for them,” Nworah Ayogu, MD, Amazon Clinic’s chief medical officer and general manager said in a blog post. “Amazon provides…the choice, convenience, and continuity of care customers need when it comes to their health. Amazon Clinic removes barriers by helping customers treat their everyday health concerns wherever they are, at any time of day. And they can see the cost before they start the visit.”

Launched in November 2022 with service in 32 states, Amazon Clinic is a virtual marketplace that lets customers compare response times and prices for treating a variety of common conditions from multiple telehealth provider groups. After completing an intake form, they’re connected to a provider in the group they’ve chosen. Depending on the state where they live, customers can connect either via text messaging or a video call.

Some of the health concerns users can have addressed through the service are acne, birth control, cold sores, eczema, migraines, seasonal allergies, sinusitis, and urinary tract infections. In addition, clinicians can provide refills for asthma, hypertension and hypothyroidism medications, among others. Customers can fill prescriptions through Amazon Pharmacy or one of their own choice.

Amazon Clinic is the latest among the retail giant’s rapid—though sometimes rocky—expansion in the health care arena. The company closed its highly touted Amazon Care service at the end of 2022. But earlier in the year Amazon unveiled a partnership with Teladoc Health to offer telehealth services through Amazon’s Echo devices. And in February of this year it completed a $3.9 billion acquisition of primary care chain One Medical, adding brick-and-mortar facilities to its health care repertoire.

“By creating a healthcare experience that is transparent and simple, we hope to make care more accessible for all,” Ayogu said in his blog post. “We’re excited to bring Amazon Clinic to even more customers, and we’re working to make even more conditions available for treatment in the coming months.”

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