8 ways to improve patient satisfaction


Best practices for figuring out what patients want from your practice.

Physician reimbursement is being increasingly impacted by patient satisfaction scores. Once, this was something only hospitals had to worry about, but now it’s affecting practices of all sizes.

Unfortunately, getting those good scores is becoming harder. Patients are comparing their healthcare experience against the experiences they have in retail and the service sector. And, let’s face it, healthcare hasn’t been known for providing modern, super engaging, seamless experiences.

Still, one study showed that about half of patients expect the same customer service experience in healthcare that they get in retail.This trend shows it’s more important than ever to be able to track and monitor patient satisfaction and take steps to make improvements to meet the changing expectations of patients. To effectively gauge what patients think and identify areas for improvement, here are best practices to follow.

Josh Weiner is the CEO of SR Health by Solutionreach