An insider’s guide to common questions doctors ask about concierge medicine

Since Specialdocs Consultants was formed in 2002, we’ve listened to physicians across the country tell their story of being squeezed by the state of medicine.

An increasing number of physicians are becoming aware of concierge medicine and they want to know how it works, if their practice is a good fit and how they can make the transition.

We’ve compiled answers to the most common questions physicians pose to us when considering a transition to the concierge model.

About Specialdocs Consultants

Specialdocs Consultants is a proud pioneer in the concierge medicine industry. With over 17 years of industry experience and clients across the country, we’ve developed invaluable insights into creating a successful concierge medical practice.

Our unique approach ensures that physicians retain their autonomy, with their own names and brand at the forefront of their practice. Our highly-experienced team and reputation for integrity has positioned us as a leader in transitioning physicians to this independent practice model.

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